3 for 12:'' These two young guys are a real diamonds in the rough''

Head Music 2 (Brookpop '12):'' The discovery of the day however is the duo Cees and Mees. In a charming way the two of them put down a good portion of nasty blues rock which appears to attract a good many enthusiasts. The first highlight of the day is a fact by then. Cees and Mees play, without any apparent effort, all other bands in the Huiskamertent, off stage.''

backofficeforbands.nl: ''Both young and very promising for the future. The drums have been moved to the front of the stage and these guys show that you don't need many people on stage to take the roof off. Much respect from the entire audience for Cees and Mees.''

Cees and Mees is a duo originated in the deep south of the lowlands. Cees Maessen (drums) and Mees Hamer (guitar, vocals) play their blues as nasty and dirty as can be and blow every hall away with a wall of sound. This two-headed monster, despite the fact that half of the band is still a minor, is mostly inspired by artists like Robert Johnson, Dire Straits, Flat Duo Jets and Blind Willie Johnson. Since their existence in August, 2011, they have been in venues like Perron 55, Nieuwe Nor, The Bosuil, Bibelot and The Spot , they were allowed to share the stage with bands like Skip & Die and Gruppo Sportivo and they were selected in 2012 for the famous competetion 'Nu Of Nooit'. Their EP, recorded with Wouter Bude, in his Moonstudio at Maasbracht, will be released on march 22e. They can't, and will certainly not wait to raid! more stages with this EP.