Monday March 17
After a long time of silence on our website, we finally have a treat for you!
A few weeks ago we shot this clip for our new song! Click here to go to Youtube
Filmed by Tom Lagendijk, Go to Toms Facebook page

Wednesday January 22
Heeeeeeeeeeello all
We have been quiet for some time now, but that was becouse we have been busy with writing new songs and recording our new single! We recorded it last november at Pablo van de Poel's Electrosaurus Southern Sound Studio. The single is out now and you can listen to it on youtube! Click here to go to Youtube
Furthermore we would like to announce that we will play at Perron 55 the 1st of February. On this fun party in honor of Pablo van de Poel's studio:
there are many more exciting things going to happen, but more on that later!

Wednesday June 19
Ha folks!
Look at this nice review of Zefmagazine
Click this link ZEFMAGAZINE

Wednesday April 10
GOOD NEWS, GOOD NEWS Cees en Mees at booking agency Zwaardvis. From now on Zwaardvis agengy will arrange our bookings
Visit agency Zwaardvis

Thursday March 21
Ha folks!
Look at this nice review of Vera Muzify!
Click this link Muzify

Thursday February 28
Hello everyone!
Our EP has been released! You can listen to it on our site, you can also hear it on Spotify and Itunes. We also have a new video!
Click this link for the video

Monday January 28
Ha folks!
If all goes well, our EP won't be streamed on Spotify and Itunes until the end of February. But do not worry! February 11 we will have a real music release of one of the songs on the EP. Don't forget to like us on facebook and keep updated.

Monday 7 January
And we did it! Last week we locked ourselves up in the studio and recorded no fewer than 4 songs. We had three very good days and are very happy with the result. The digital release of the EP is scheduled for late February, and the CD sales will start after the EP release party at Ernestos (Sittard).
See Wouter's production blog here:

Monday December 10
We are working really hard on our truly first EP. Around Christmas we will go into the studio, and the release will take place on March 22, at Ernestos! YOU are invited, IT IS GOING TO BE FUN

Monday November 26
Proudly we inform you that by Xmas time we are going to record our EP @ Moon Music / Wouter Bude. This is going to be sweet!.

Saturday November 24: Café Tom Tom Heythuysen
Heythuysen was great thanks, heythuysenaren for the nice evening

Friday November 9: The Thick Café Stein Elsloo
Last Friday a real cool gig at Stein! See link for a review and a few pictures
Click on the link for Review of

Saturday, October 7: DVERS Sittard
DVERS was amazing! thanks everyone for coming! In a moment on the road again, heading for the Wasserette in Breda and yes! we actually have enough money to realize an EP due in November!

Saturday July 14: Big Rivers Dordrecht
A very nice party

Click on the link for Review of Head Music 2 Brookpop 22-04-2012

Friday May 4: Muziekgieterij Maastricht
Jonge helden, through to the semi-finals!

Monday April 30: Koniginnedag Amsterdam
Best Queens day we have ever had in Amsterdam! Hello hangover.

Sunday April 22: BrookPOP festival
For us, a very successful performance in a full Amicitia tent. The festival was well organized and very cozy.

Sunday March 31: Cafe Max, Geleen, Preliminary Podiunvrees
During this round we play for a spot at the Mama's Pride festival. This evening we are going to play three songs including 1 cover so reason enough to come and listen.

Sunday March 18: Concert, Sittard, Regional Finals Kunstbende
390 young people aged 13 - 18 will try to reach the final which will be held on Sat. April 15 in Melkweg, Amsterdam. A great goal and challenge for Cees and Mees to go for it all the way.

Saturday, March 9: Ernesto's, Sittard, Rocka Tanzania
Hi, finally, once again, a pub gig, not a competition, just for the hell of it. Thanks to the quick response and inventiveness of our roady it wa hardly noticed that one of the guitars went to pieces.

Saturday, March 3: Fenix, Force Fest

Friday, March 2: Preliminary Pops Port
After a week of fairly hard and though work, we finally managed to get the transport by bus to and from De Bosuil in Weert organized. W got on stage as second act and from that moment on we were comfortable and into our own, most certainly. Thanks to the perfectly enthusiastic audience as well! A compiliation of our show will appear on YouTube and of course on our website as well. Too bad for us, but the winner, of this round, Smaland, was quite deserved. The wildcard went to The Unofficials. To us PopSport was a truly fantastic learning experience. Our sincere thanks to PopSport Organisation We are going to get in shape for the regional finals of Kunstbende.